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Bradford delivers investment opportunities, both acquisitions and developments to its clients and investor partners. Our Investment Program provides opportunities to institutions, pension funds, direct investors and private accredited, sophisticated investors. We are performance driven, and utilize a singular investment philosophy, to help our customers create wealth with commercial real estate investments. Weunderwrite our deals with state-of-the-art software tools. We deliver both on-market deals and off-market deals to our investors and clients.

We Value Relationships

We believe in building strong relationships with both management and leasing, and providing them with the information they need. Part of our core value is to deliver a comprehensive service platform that includes annual assessments. Bradford possesses extensive experience in deal flow, and has a proven record with over $200,000,000 delivered year-to-year to our client base and partners.


Deciding when to dispose of a real estate investment can be difficult without the right tools and skills. At Bradford, we have the knowledge, tools and background, including:

  • An innate knowledge of the market
  • An internet-based distribution system
  • Exclusive and private email listserve(s) that reach 500,000 brokerage professionals within 24 hours
  • A $1.0 Billion sales representation history

Every Detail Counts

We sweat the small stuff, because we believe the devil is in the detail. Whether in a leasing/property management role, an exclusive sale representation capacity, or delivering an acquisition or development opportunity, we transition over 3,000,000 square feet of relationship assignments annually, giving us insight and an in-depth grasp of viablecommercial and industrial real estate investment opportunities.

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